Aging to Perfection: Celebrating the aging of Beer, Beef and People with Craftsman and Kronnerbuger

Sunday February 21st is my 35th birthday. It is also the birthday of Craftsman Brewing Company founder/brewer, Mark Jilg. To celebrate this occassion our good friend, Chef Chris Kronner will be throwing us a party. This party will celebrate aged … Continue reading

SFBW 2016: Beer And Soul Party at The Good Hop

Saturday, January 30th – 3PM – 11PM  Beer and Soul Party at The Good Hop with Kenny’s “Heart and Soul” The Good Hop Bottle Shop and Tasting Room opened in 2012 on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood.  Its founder Melissa Myers … Continue reading

SFBW 2016: 2nd Annual “Pig Out For Kids” Oakland Ed Fund Fundraiser at The Hog’s Apothecary

Thursday, January 28th, 2:30 PM – 11 PM “Second Annual Pig Out For Kids” with Craftsman Brewing at The Hog’s Apothecary, benefitting the Oakland Ed Fund My regard for Craftsman Brewing Company and its founder, Mark Jilg should by now be well-known to anyone … Continue reading

SFBW 2016: Fresh vs. Aged Beer Dinner at Salsipuedes

Monday, January 25th, 6 PM – 11 PM “Fresh vs Aged Beer Dinner” at Salsipuedes Salsipuedes is a cutting-edge restaurant with a chef, Marcus Krauss who comes from the Michelin-starred kitchen at Meadowood. As this wonderful operation is less than a thousand yards … Continue reading

SFBW 2016: Beer and Pie Pairings with PieTisserie

Saturday, January 23rd, 6PM – 9PM “Beer Meets Pie” at PieTisserie PieTisserie is an adorable pie shop on Oakland’s Lake Merritt.  I happen to think they make some of the most delicious pie’s in the world.  PieTisserie’s owner and “pie-maven,” Jaynelle St. … Continue reading

An Evening of Beer and Soul pt. 3 – Tues. 11/17 @ Miss Ollie’s

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH, MISS OLLIE’S, 901 WASHINGTON ST., OAKLAND, CA In February of 2012 I joined with the incomparable Chef Sarah Kirnon to produce a dinner that remains the proudest night of my career so far.  Sarah wrote two menus, each … Continue reading

2/7/15 – 2:30pm – 4:00pm Societe Saturday at The Hog’s Apothecary #SFBW2015

Saturday, February 7th, 2:30pm – 4:00pm

“Societe Saturday” Meet The Brewer(y) with Societe Brewing from San Diego, CA

Kick off your SFBW with an afternoon talk and tasting through the catalog of one of the country’s most highly regarded new breweries.

Societe is a smaller brewery in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego. Founders Travis Smith and Doug Constantiner are both veteran brewers with resumes that include world-renown breweries like Russian River and The Bruery.  Though the guys demonstrate a masterful way with everything they brew, Societe is best known for hop-driven West Coast Pale Ales and fermentation driven Belgian Style brew.

At Hog’s we will officially be kicking off SFBW 2015 with a tasting and talk that will be guided by Corey Esoldi, Certified Cicerone and Pintsman at Societe and myself.  We plan to explore the different ways that hop-driven and fermentation driven beer styles achieve balance and drinkability, as well as the varied flavors and aromatics contributed by different beer ingredients and brewing practices.  We hope that those who attend with leave with a better understanding of how to talk about and navigate these two very crowded corners of the craft beer world.

There will be a total of six beers to taste, three hoppy and three Belgian style.  The beers will be available in separate flights of three, as one discounted flight of six, and of course, as individual full size draft pours. The beers will be available all night long. 

2/8/15 and 2/15/15 – 2:30 – 4:00pm – Sierra Sundays at The Hog’s Apothecary #SFBW2015

Sundays, February 8th and 15th, 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Hog’s Apothecary is very proud to be working with perhaps the most important brewery in the country, Chico CA’s legendary Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. With Sierra we have planned a pair of tasting events to be held separately on each of the Sunday afternoons during SFBW – Sundays with Sierra. 


“Sundays with Sierra pt. 1: Nooner Launch and Pilsner Exploration

Over the first 25 or so years of the American Brewing renaissance, many of the best brewers seemed content to cede the production of pale lager beers to the large, faceless, corporate brewers.  Recently however, there has been a trend toward the classic Pilsener style among some of our areas very best breweries.  Perhaps the greatest  evidence that this trend is here to stay than the fact that Sierra Nevada, a brewery who’s Pale Ale was at the vanguard of the hop-centric shift in beer taste, will be adding “Nooner,” a German Style Pils to their core catalog.

Joins us on the afternoon of Feb. the 8th at 2:30pm when I will be joined by Ryan Tovey, a fellow Certified Cicerone and the manager of Sierra’s “Torpedo Room” in Berkeley, CA, for a deep dive into the world of Pilsner and its related styles. Ryan and I will lead a talk and tasting designed to showcase the ingredients and process used to produce quality Pilsner style beer as well as other closely related styles.

“Nooner” will be available on its own or in a flight of Pilsner style beers.  There will also be a flight of related styles, such as Kolsch and Dortmunder Export, and American Pre-Prohibition Style Lager.  

“Sundays with Sierra pt. 2: The Bigfoot Vertical

Bigfoot Label

Once again I will be joined by Ryan, this time for a talk and tasting designed to develop your understanding of how beers age.  What makes a beer suitable for aging? What happens to a beer’s flavor, aroma and body as it is stored.  Guests will be offered a flight of Sierra Nevada’s stalwart yearly release “Bigfoot” American Barleywine.

We will present a flight will be of five consecutive releases of “Bigfoot” that will span from 2011 to the just released fresh version.  Individual bottles of each year will also be on sale for on-site consumption.