Who Is Sayre Piotrkowski?

I am the Beer Director at St. Vincent Tavern and Wine Merchant in San Francisco.  St. Vincent operates an entirely “brewery-direct” draft beer program, sourcing every beer we pour on tap from local brewers small enough to distribute their own product.  Prior to St. Vincent I served as Co-Beer Director and the public face of the Monk’s Kettle which was named San Francisco’s “Best Beer List” by 7×7 Magazine in each of the two years I held that position.

I am a certified cicerone and a proud Bay Area Beer Evangelist.  In this capacity I have done consultation, education, pairing and promotional events for a broad variety of clients including Duvel USABar CrudoZare Fly TrapBar Tartine, and Craftsman Brewing Company, as well as Chef’s Sarah Kirnon and Chris Kronner and the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Prior to honing in on beer I was blessed to have the opportunity to work under two of the country’s top young chefs: Russell Moore at Camino in Oakland, and David Myers at Comme Ca in Hollywood.

In early 2010 I joined with 4SP Films and Drink Me Magazine to produce The Original Swagger Stagger – A short film that went on to win the Slow Pour film festival and was screened at the Great American Beer Festival.

This blog will always seek to spotlight the beers, brewers and bastions I believe in. Having evolved from the restaurant industry into the beer world, as opposed to vice versa, I feel that I have a different perspective from many of my contemporaries.  My work has been focused almost exclusively on integrating beer with dining and thus, I have never worked professionally as a brewer, sales rep, or a competition judge.  Rather my focus – and in-turn, the specific focus of this blog – is to provide a space to develop ways to make craft beer a more significant part of the experience in the country’s best restaurants.

“Working with Sayre is a surprise.  It is easy to underestimate his understanding and creativity because I have not encountered anyone else who “gets it” as fundamentally as Sayre. His choices of pairings show subtle and fundamental appreciation for the sensations of taste.  His understanding of beer components makes him a pleasure to work with.”

- Brian Hunt, Master Brewer, Owner, Moonlight Brewing Company

“Sayre is a veritable encyclopedia of beer knowldge and food paring expertise – I’ve never met anyone in the beer world like him.”

- Ian Cauble, Master Sommelier, 2011 International TOP|SOMM , Best Young Sommelier in America

“Sayre is the beer guy every wine director should have on speed dial”

-Chris Wright, Wine Director, Delfina Restaurant Group