Oakland Invaders pt. 2 this Sunday 5/6 at Dear Mom

The Oakland Invaders of the 1980s were a USFL football squad that folded after only two years.  Today’s Oakland Invaders are folks behind some of the Bay Area’s biggest trends in food, drink and fashion.   Living in Oakland for the past five years I have felt firsthand the groundswell of talent, creativity and hard-work that has made “the Town” one of the most exciting cultural desitnations anywhere in the country.  Last July I was lucky enough to attended and play a small role in the original Oakland Invaders party that was held at Heart Wine Bar.    The event was as an absolute blasts for all who contributed and attended.  We had already been talking about how, where and when we could pull enough another installment when the SF Bay Guardian set the everyone’s hair on fire with this cover… 

Never one to let an opportunity pass us by, we linked back up with the boys from Linden Street Brewing Company and that folks at Dear Mom and began to put together Oakland Invaders pt. 2.   This time around we are stepping things up have procured no less than four special one-off brews:

  1. The “Oak’d” Town Lager, from Linden Street:  This is LSB’s zero-emissions, local only, pre-prohibition style American Lager. A simple beer crafted in small batches and only available within biking distance of the brewery. *In order to supply this beer for Oakland Invaders the cask will actually be traveling on bicycle from the  brewery to West Oakland Bart and then, again on bicycle, to Dear Mom from the 16th BART station in SF. Oakland Invaders will be the first time the beer has ever been poured in San Francisco.  Cooler still is the fact that this particular cask of “The Town Lager” is being conditioned with oak chips. This is done in hopes of mimicking more closely the way Bay Area brewed beer would have tasted prior to prohibition – when casks were made of oak instead of steel.
  2. “Shoreman’s Hook” Tropical Stout, from Dying Vines: This beer iss being brewed exclusively for Sarah’s forthcoming restaurant  “Miss Ollie’s” which will open in downtown Oakland later this summer.  It has only been sampled once before.
  3. “Queen Bess” IPA from Dying Vines:  This is the latest addition to DV’s line of core brands.  An ultra-savory and spicy, aromatic IPA brewed in honor of Bessie Coleman,  who in 1921 became the first African American woman to receive her pilot’s license. Oakland California was one of Ms. Coleman’s frequent stops.  10% of the proceeds from this beer go to benefit the Alameda Point Collaborative which is “working to end homelessness by providing housing and services to create communities where formerly homeless families and individuals can flourish.”
  4. “Black and Blue” Coffee Infused Black Lager, from Linden Street:  This beer was one of the hits of last year’s event.  Blending two of Oakland’s finest creations, Linden’s “Burning Oak” Black Lager and Blue Bottle Coffee.

On the food side of things we have four of the most celebrated and anticipated establishments coming through…

  1. Beauty’s Bagel Shop – This one of the most talked about projects on Oakland’s culinary horizon.  Hemmed by former Delfina Pizza Chef Blake Joffe and set to open this summer.
  2. El Taco Bike – Pedaled by Alfonso Dominguez of Tamarindo in Old Oakland
  3. Miss Ollie’s – This is the forthcoming project from Chef Sarah Kirnon formerly of Hibiscus and Front Porch.  Sarah will be preparing a Caribbean-style Sunday Supper in the Dear Mom Kitchen beginning a 5:00PM
  4. Pietisserie – Delivering random acts of sweetness from Old Oakland’s Swan’s Marketplace and a farmer’s market near you.

The event will run all day, this Sunday 5/6 at Dear Mom – 2700 16th Street




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